3 Ways to Prepare your Hair for Summer!

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Remember when you were just a teen and giddily, with your friends you’d apply some brand of lightener spray onto your hair, then bask in the sun for hours and await its kisses?  Oh to be young again…NOT!  Thank goodness those days are behind us!  We are beautiful, mature, sophisticated women.  We know that pampering ourselves is well-deserved – so much so that we budget for that massage, manicure or trip to the salon!  As our friends at Loreal say, “We’re worth it!”

With that, I want to share 3 ways to prepare your hair for summer.  It’s truly simple, but sometimes it’s the small things that add so much value and make us feel our best.  For instance, eating well by preparing our own food, exercise from cross-fit to yoga, catching a nap on a Saturday – all good things, simple, yes?

Do you want summer-sassy hair?  Consider these 3 tips to prepare!

  1. A good haircut – whether it’s an inch off your long locks or a sweet pixie cut, schedule an appointment to have  your hair cut.  Cutting your hair before summer will give you healthy hair, free of split ends, frizz and perhaps even dull color that no longer serves your lovely features.
  2. Use a hair mask – I can’t stress this one enough!  Our hair is stressed!  All of the washing, drying, hot tools, brushing, styling, pulling back in braids, ponies and bobbies – the hair needs to be revitalized – it needs a little love!  It’s no different than the time you spend on your skin and complexion.  A deeply nourishing hair mask improves shine and strength of hair.  Masks are formulated with oils, butters and other hydrating ingredients.  They drench the hair with nourishing properties that repair, soften and smell absolutely dreamy.  It only takes about 5 minutes in the shower and you can use it weekly if you like.
  3. Consider a gloss or glaze. I love applying hair gloss or glaze for my clients whose hair seems dull or lacks shine.  Hair gloss penetrates the hair’s cuticle so it lasts two to four weeks.  Hair glaze simply coats the shaft with shine and semi-permanent color, it’s sort of like applying a top coat of polish on the hair which lasts about a week.

A Hair Mask is a Must!

We love to Pamper our Clients!

I hope these 3 tips are something you’ll think about and consider.  When you’re ready, I’m here to help!  As always, thank you for trusting me as your stylist and loyal friend!  What an honor it is helping you to feel and look as beautiful as you are.  Your love and support are appreciated!  Until next time –

Mucho amor, Marilo