Color Correction 101: Help!

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Color Correction

Color Correction can be done with the right colorist!

Some people say that too much of a good thing is a bad thing.  In this case, I’d have to agree.  I see it time and time again – over processed hair that needs a break from color.  All over color requires frequent upkeep, especially if you’re not into dark roots (ombre is sooooooo early 2000’s.)  If you are not seeing a professional stylist or if by chance you are applying your own color, you may find yourself in what I call “too much of a good thing.”

We’ve heard it all – do it yourself color correction with the use of toners and purple shampoos to neutralize and/or change the color.  Sometimes it’s done to lighten a dark shade, or even the reverse.  Sometimes color correction is needed to reduce or remove brassiness from blonde hair.  Please – whatever you do, the bottom line is DO NOTHING after a bad color job for at least two weeks.  Reapplying dye too soon can cause irreversible damage and you don’t want that!

If you wound up with a shade that’s too dark, and if it’s a semi-permanent glaze, you can wash repeatedly with shampoo so that it fades quicker.  But now you’ve just spent money at the salon on color, and you’re intentionally trying to “undo” the “do” – it’s unpleasant, right?

Don’t panic!  There are a few things you can do if you don’t like your hair color before you visit (a new) stylist:

  1. Just wait it out – I know Bella, but you and I both know you can rock a chic hat.
  2. Wash more frequently – but don’t forget to condition. Shampooing everyday can strip the hair cuticle and make it appear dry and dull.
  3. Some encourage the use of dish soap or vinegar. No, please.  Vinegar is acidic and while it may help strip dye from your colored hair it will strip your hair of shine.
  4. Box dye – this is another negative in my book. Why?  Because youthful, pretty hair occurs when you take care of it – just like you do with your skin regimen.
  5. Come see me! I only use the best salon products by L’Oréal Professionnel and the Goldwell professional color line (beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp) and provide tailor-made techniques to enhance your hair color. Shot of shine, reflect booster, contouring or draping are examples of Color Correction services I provide to achieve a beautiful, healthy solution.

I’m always happy to help new clients transform their hair into a style that compliments their unique personality and showcases the best qualities of their hair. Sometimes color correction is the very thing that gets you back on track to beautiful, shiny, healthy hair.  To see confidence and a smile at the end of the appointment brings me absolute joy.

Mucho amor,


“Nothing inspires me more than color” – Lisa Whiteman, Goldwell Global Master, UK