Do you trust your stylist?

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Thank you for stopping by again!  I love writing these notes for my blog and appreciate your interest in what I share about all things hair!  Let me begin this one about trust by saying this:  I understand that trusting takes some time and in this beautiful client/stylist relationship, trust must be earned on my part.  Mutual respect and camaraderie are every bit as important to me as being your stylist.  You don’t want one without the either and neither do it.  You and patronage are precious to me.

Why Salon Lola?  Why me?


Experience and knowledge go hand in hand.  I have 20 years’ experience as a stylist in both the United States and Europe.  Continuing education has and always will be a priority for me, as learning new techniques, being knowledgeable in classic cuts, styles and color, refining my skills as an artist and welcoming clients that desire the best and strive to look and feel their best is my life’s passion.

Each year I look forward with great anticipation to these classes because learning from those I look up to truly makes my heart sing!

Many of you have heard that in November I’ll be attending Razor Fundamentals with Nick Arrojo in Portland, OR. I can’t wait to bring home (to you) new techniques and modern razor cutting methods that transform!


At Salon Lola I want you to feel special.  I want you to know that I am listening and appreciate the conversation we are having about YOU!  Your desire to look and feel your best coupled with my experience and knowledge will render beautiful results!  We can achieve the look you desire – but it may take a few visits to get the hair grown out enough or enriched enough that balayage or color will “take.”

I recently had my hair cut by someone new.  (In case you’re wondering, we stylists can’t cut or color our own hair. ☹)  I love this French-inspired bob with bangs that she gave me.  I will honestly tell you though, it took a little getting used to.  My haircut before this one was a 45-degree bob with subtle fringe on the sides.   Let’s just say it was not precision, so it took me a little time to grow out.  Granted, we’ve all been there – in the “growing out” stage.  I trusted my new stylist to bring the style “back to bob” but with a modern update that she knew I would love.  After the cut & style I looked in the mirror and thought, “Hmmmm, maybe?”  But I have to say, I love this cut.  It’s classic and fresh with a touch of Bohemian.  I love to try knew things; as a stylist I wanted a change and since I encourage clients to jump outside the box a bit, I should do the same.  Do you like it?


That’s the best reason – when there is mutual trust, beautiful hair happens!

Again, I can’t express enough how it is my absolute pleasure to have you in my chair!  I consider it a privilege and am humbled by your trust in me.

Until next time,

Mucho amor ~ Marilo