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Hairstyles that Frame Your Face
Q & A with Marilo

Ever wondered what is the best hairstyle for your unique face?  Turns out, there are some simple guidelines that will help you choose the right cut and style!

Q. I have a heart-shaped face and it’s been a challenge finding the right look.  What do you suggest?

A.  For a heart shaped face, aim for a style that features soft side-swept bangs that will accentuate those beautiful eyes while drawing the focus away from a pointy chin.  Remember, it’s not about “hiding” the feature you like least, it’s about emphasizing the one you love most.  #shaggybob #layeredbob #sideswoopbangs

Q.  My square-shaped face has me wearing long hair – but I’m ready for something more classic, something stylish and professional.  What should I do?

A.  The easy answer is this – stay away from haircuts with harsh edges.  A pretty, soft LOB (long bob) creates movement and rounds out the corners of the face.  In this case, it’s more about the shape than how long the hair is.  A LOB lends a chic appearance while retaining length.

Q.  My face is in the shape of an oval.  It’s limiting in terms of what I think I can do with it.  Do I need bangs?

A. No, no mi amor, by all means, traditional bangs are not required!  You see, the main goal is to avoid elongating your face, so you may want to try a shorter, blunt cut and style.  Face-framing pieces that clear the shoulders, subtle layers that add volume or even face-framing “fringe” are trending now.  I’ve been giving clients an updated version of “70’s bangs” – stay tuned for our next blog article that will be about updating classic styles that are making a comeback!

Q.  I have a round “baby” face.  Help!

A.  There are so many lovely styles for round faces.  Just remember the most important characteristic of styling for round faces:  Long layered hair draws the eyes downward and will undoubtedly make your round face look longer!   Straight or curly – opt for loose curls vs. ringlets, as tight curls will add to the width and roundness of your face.  #shoulderlength #grownoutpixie #curvedbangs

Q & A – I will “ask” and answer this last question – because I bet you didn’t know that my long forehead drives me a little loco?

Well, that’s why I choose fringe – these are the pretty bangs I was mentioning earlier.  The fringe adds a soft dimension to what is otherwise perceived to be a large forehead.  Also, chin length hair will contour the jawline while framing your face too.  It gives you the coverage you desire without committing to “choppy” bangs.  I think this is my favorite cut (for me) as it makes me feel young and sexy.  It has movement and swing and makes me want to drive with the top down!  #wispybangs #fullbangs #deepsidepart

I’m very excited to attend a class on March 31 that is all about updating 70’s hairstyles!  I’ll have pictures and more content to share with you in April. Meanwhile, I invite you to follow me on Instagram and Facebook.  Also, if you have a suggestion for a blog topic, please private message me and we’ll consider it for future articles!   Connect to our Blog and see pics that correlate with face shapes!

As always, thank you for trusting me as your stylist and loyal friend!  What an honor it is helping you to feel and look as beautiful as you are.  Your love and support are appreciated!  Until next time…

…be good to yourself
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Mucho amor, Marilo