Hairstyling Tips for a Beautiful “Hair Day!”

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Ever had a great experience at the salon and leave there feeling just beautiful?  Your hair is soft and shiny – that beautifully fragrant “swing” puts a little spring in your step.  You put off washing it for as long as you can because you know that once you do, you’ll have a challenge replicating what your stylist did on that perfect “hair day” –

Don’t stress!  I have some hairstyling tips and tidbits that will help you achieve the look you desire!

Why are hair products important?

Good hair products can mean the difference between light and lovely or heavy and flat.  I love High Dive Moisture & Shine Cream by R+Co.  I love it because it smooths out and seals the hair cuticle, providing a healthy, frizz-free shine.  It controls the hair beautifully – but don’t worry, if you don’t have any on hand, a simple leave in conditioner can do the same.  Just make sure it’s free of sulphates and that you use just a tiny dollop.  Too much product can make the hair heavy and dull.

Another tip – don’t wash daily!  It’s not necessary.  Your hair needs its natural oils to replenish and keep it from becoming dry.  Try a dry shampoo to restyle your hair.  Dry shampoo creates volume – again, buy good products.  You will notice the difference (and so will others.)  You will adore the look, plus you just bought yourself a little extra morning time!

Do you use hot tools on your hair?

Please heed this word of advice:  Protect your hair from direct heat.  I love to use Kevin Murphy Young Again – a weightless leave-in treatment that’s oil-infused with Immortelle.  Beauty and science come together with this product as It counteracts the oxidation and aging process.  Plus, it smells just dreamy! 

Clients come to me asking for the “perfect cut”.  Sometimes even a cut that’s age-appropriate.  Goodness, what exactly does that mean?  Well, for someone with an oval face, a shaggy, layered bob with side swoop bangs could be the perfect “frame.”  What if you have a round face?  I’d recommend shoulder length waves or a grown-out pixie with curved bangs.  Do you have a large forehead?  Let’s try some wispy or full bangs and a deep messy side part.   The perfect cut is different for each person and age isn’t a factor.  Beautiful healthy hair is a confidence booster at every age. 

Wash & Wear Hair

Short & Sassy

I love styling hair – it’s much more than a hairstyle.  Each client is special, unique.  For me, the perfect cut, color and style is like choosing a gorgeous frame to compliment a beautiful picture.   The right cut, tools and products can give you options for great hair and more beautiful “hair days” – every day. 

Mucho Amor, Marilo!

“The beauty of a woman grows with her.”  Audrey Hepburn