Have a Good Hair Day Every day: The joys of getting a good haircut!

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Everyday is a good hair day!

This could be you – everyday is a good hair day!

We often think that good hair takes a lot of work. From treatments to tools to products, the options are overwhelming and time intensive. But I’ll let you in on a little stylist secret, the foundation of a good hair day is as simple as a good haircut. Sounds too good to be true, do you think? Well let me explain.

Haircuts are personal, they are not one size fits all. Each person has their own unique hair qualities, such as texture and thickness, and face shape. A good haircut works with your hair’s natural characteristics and compliments your face shape, bone structure and proportions. A high quality stylist will also factor in the way your hair falls when cutting your hair to ensure the cut works with your hair’s natural flow. Finding a stylist that is educated and experienced on working with your type of hair is a big factor in having a good haircut.

In addition to the factors above, a good haircut should work with your lifestyle. For example, if you find that you have little time to style your hair on a daily basis, a low maintenance cut and style would be best for you. Your stylist learns about your lifestyle by asking questions and listening to information that you share. When you see your hairstylist be prepared to talk honestly about your daily routine and hair maintenance. Share how long you spend styling your hair daily, how long your go between cuts, what products you use, how you normally dry and style your hair, etc. Don’t be shy about asking questions yourself or voicing concern if you hear something you don’t like or understand from your stylist. Communication is key.

A quality stylist will be honest with you, listens to what you say and request, and tells you the truth about your hair. They will advise you on what will work for your hair, face shape, proportions, and lifestyle, and they will introduce you to new style ideas and product innovations to boost your cut and freshen up your look each time you visit.

Ultimately, a good haircut is not 100% about how it looks, it’s about how it makes you feel. Walking out of the salon after a great haircut should leave you feeling confident, refreshed, and energized. And in your daily life, a good haircut should fall into place if you air dry or heat dry, require minimal to no product or pins, grows out well, and require as much time and effort or less that you described to your stylist.

Helping you look and feel your best is my passion!  Thank you for trusting me as your loyal stylist – until next time,

Mucho amor,