Muy Caliente! Heat and Hair

salonlola Hair Tips

Exposed to the Elements:  Q&A about Heat and Healthy Hair!

Q:  I use hot tools on my hair every day.  What products do you recommend that will protect my hair from the heat?

A:  I do not recommend using hot tools every day.  You see, the hair loses moisture whenever styled with hot tools:  curling wand, flat iron, etc.  If you can, air dry and use quality products on your hair – always.  A blow dryer daily is ok – but always use an oil or cream for protection, such as High Dive from R+Co and/or Young Again oil from Kevin Murphy.  Often times, I’ll blow dry my hair (cool temperature) without shampooing it!  Imagine that!  A little dry shampoo does the trick – it helps manage the locks and allows me to style straight or create volume.

Q:  Air dry?  Sometimes my hair looks frizzy when I air dry it.  It doesn’t feel “polished.”  What can I do to eliminate frizz?

A:  Again, it’s all about using the right products for the right occasion.  Trying to eliminate frizz?  Use a hydrating shampoo and apply a frizz cream.  I love Easy Rider Cream – also, don’t forget to dry your hair in the direction of the cuticle.  Running a dryer every which way creates frizz and damage.  Drying from root to mid-shaft with a burst of cool temperature toward the ends keeps it smooth and shiny.

Healthy hair responds best to Balayage or any other treatment.

Before Salon Lola and 18 months Later!

Q:  I’ve been bleaching my hair for years and now I want to go darker with Balayage.  My hair isn’t healthy.  How do I get my hair ready for Balayage?

A:  Great question!  I get this one often and my answer is simple.  If your hair is damaged from previous color, bleach or simply because it hasn’t been cut or conditioned regularly, I recommend a chic cut.  This will eliminate a lot of damage and together, we can get your hair back in shape and ready for professional Balayage treatment.  The transition from damaged to dazzling comes with using the right products such as a glaze or toner which enriches the process.  Deep conditioning weekly and taking Biotin vitamins also helps revive damaged hair.  Consuming plenty of salmon and avocado, these have a direct impact on gorgeous hair.

You see, you must treat your hair the way you do your physical body and spiritual well-being.  Be mindful about it.  Love it, care for it – and the results will shine.  Also, about Balayage – remember, it gives you a more natural look, not necessarily a darker look.  Think about sun-kissed highlights on a beautiful head of hair.  Think about the natural beauty of a small child’s hair.  The highlights and lowlights – That’s (my) Balayage.

Q:  Does YOUR Balayage REALLY last for 6 months?  Why?

A:  Yes!  I love sharing this news with clients – my Balayage can last six to 12 months, depending on the hair of course.  But imagine, it’s low maintenance, done correctly.  I customize each look based on the client’s own hair.  I’m inspired by you – your hair.  Timing, placement and color – these all factor in to the optimal look that will last a long time.  And the better news?  As it grows out, you don’t have to deal with “roots” as you would with all-over color.  The method is more intricate than that.

Are you considering the look of Balayage but are dealing with damaged hair?  Stay encouraged!  Rome wasn’t built in a day – it’ll take some prep time but will be well worth it.  We will do it together!

Mucho amor, Marilo