Q & A with Marilo

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During my career as a stylist, I’ve noticed many of my clients come to me with the same questions asked in a variety of ways. Let’s take a few minutes to revisit the 5 most frequently asked questions I receive as a hairstylist.

Why can’t my hair look like the girl’s on Pinterest?

Inspiration images are great. They are helpful to both your stylist and to you the client, as they aid in illustrating what you like about a haircut, style, or color. However, we all must keep in mind that images on Pinterest and social media do not show the entire truth behind that girls gorgeous, luscious hair.

Some things you may not see in a beautifully photographed and edited image may include the hair’s natural texture, the number of or variety of treatments and products used, and the use of hair extensions, a fall or even a wig. Keep in mind that it may have taken hours and thousands of dollars of treatments, products, and tools to achieve that perfect photo, and unless you have copious resources and time to dedicate on a daily basis to your hair, achieving the perfect Pinterest hair in not realistic or sustainable. Use those photos as inspiration and embrace your hair’s natural qualities, for easy to achieve styling results.

How long does color-correction take?

Color correction is the most challenging job of a stylist. Effective, high-quality color correction will improve the integrity and health of your hair while also correcting the color and tone. To do this, it takes time. A simple 2 hour color appointment will not suffice. Expect multiple visits plus a consultation.

To effectively color correct at stylist must be an expert in corrective techniques and have full knowledge of your hair’s history. This means you as the client must share all the details of your previous chemical treatments, including at home box color and professional services. Being honest with your stylist is a must, as failing to tell them about a coloring process may cause unexpected results or damage to your locks.

If your hair is damaged, color correction is complicated further, as your stylist must adjust their process to as gentle on your hair as possible. This means that multiple visits may be required and the length of time to achieve true color correction may take weeks or even months. And if the health of your hair is too compromised, your stylist may suggest a substantial cut, to remove the most damaged portions of your hair and speed up the correction process.

How come you won’t do Balayage for me? 

My advice for you, it to trust your stylist’s advice. An educated, seasoned stylist will tell you if a style or look cannot be achieved with your hair. If your stylist does not recommend doing Balayage on your hair, it could be for a variety of reasons including the color or tone of your natural hair, prior chemical processing on your hair, and hair health. Grey hair for example, is very resistant to hair dye, so balayage techniques, even if applied correctly, would be a waste of your time and money as the color would not stick.

If your stylist does not advise that get Balayage due to the health of your hair, I suggest a milder color treatment, such as glaze. It will improve the shine, health, and richness of your color, giving you a refresh while improving the integrity of your hair.

Why do you want to see a picture of my hair before confirming my request for color appointment? 

If your stylist is requesting a photo of your hair, it’s for a good reason. With regards to color appointments, especially extreme changes such as dark to light, it’s critical for a stylist to know what type of hair they will be working with. A photo of your hair will show them the length, texture, body, and color of your hair (both at the root and ends). With this information, your stylist can make an educated assessment of your hair health, gauge how many sessions will be needed to achieve your desired color and be able to rule out any potential treatments than may damage or harm the health of your hair.

After reviewing the photos of your hair, an educated stylist will inform you of what they can achieve with your hair, how long it will take (both duration and number of appointments), and an estimated cost. Note, they may say no to your original request, but will inform you of what they can do for you with as close as an outcome as possible. This information will help you make the best decision for your hair goals, timeline, and budget.

Do hot tools damage your hair?

Heat styling from hot tools such as flat irons and curling wands can damage your hair. Exposure to very high temperatures for extended periods of time with frequency can cause irreversible damage. To prevent damage, try using a heat protectant before using any hot tools and air dry your hair as much as possible. Your stylist can recommend professional products best suited for your hair type and color treatment, to ensure your hair remains as healthy as possible when styled with heat.

Here are some examples for you – notice how these pictures are all of the same (beautiful inside & out!) lady.  I want to show you how hair looks different depending upon the light.  My client has pretty, straight hair.  Her hair is healthy and takes to Balayage – straight hair shows the precision in which highlights are “swept” across the hair shaft.  Once I complete Balayage, I love to style the hair straight for this reason:  To show the beauty and perfection I aim to achieve each time.

I hope these quick Q&A’s prove useful and informative to you and yours!  Again, I can’t express enough how it is my absolute pleasure to have you in my chair!  I consider it a privilege and am humbled by your trust in me.

Until next time,

Mucho amor ~ Marilo