The Art of French Balayage

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The Art of French Balayage

We’ve talked about French Balayage in previous articles.  It’s one of my favorite topics because Balayage is a technique that is much like an artist uses techniques and methods in creating one-of-a-kind work.  I’ve attended many continuing education classes about French Balayage and have spent the better part of my decade-long career as a stylist refining my skills as a French Balayage expert.  For those of you who know me, the word “expert” is intimidating.  It comes with responsibility and a commitment to true artistry.  Each of my clients is unique.  I appreciate and consider it a privilege to enhance your “crowning glory!”  For that reason, my approach to each French Balayage is as an artist approaches a blank canvas; with excitement, creativity and inspiration about texture, light, and color.

French Balayage

Balayage – parfait!

When Balayage is done correctly it creates a unique look that is unique for each client.  I love Balayage because it allows me the opportunity to create beautiful hair for my clients that is unlike any other person’s hair.  One of the techniques I use is identifying the exact place in the hair that catches the light and assessing how to best create the appearance of movement.  I swipe the hair with a very small brush, concentrating on adding pieces as I go to ensure that just the right amount of color is being applied onto precisely the right strands of hair.  The trick is not to saturate with too much color as Balayage is not “dense” in textural appearance, rather, a soft feathering-out of color.  Done correctly, the technique we use optimizes “swing” and shine.  It has dimension and looks beautifully natural.  Another technique (and one that is missed by other stylists) is that I only paint the top layer of the hair and only the tip of the hair on both sides as the sun will do after several days on the beach.

How long will it last?

I use only the best brands in the industry:  special lightening cream, cotton and a rich palette of beautiful colors and plastic wrap.  Balayage can also be combined with Ombré however this is dependent upon the desired look.  One of the best things about Balayage is how long it lasts – up to six months!  That means less time “touching up” regrowth, less color, less time and money at the salon, better conditioning, healthy, beautiful hair.

What do I do in between Balayage?

Please still come in every 4-6 weeks for a cut and style.  This will keep your hair in good shape for the next treatment and will also help you retain a fresh look.  I also recommend a glaze or gloss in between Balayage.  I love applying hair gloss or glaze for my clients whose hair seems dull or lacks shine.  Hair gloss penetrates the hair’s cuticle so it lasts two to four weeks.  Hair glaze simply coats the shaft with shine and semi-permanent color, it’s sort of like applying a topcoat of polish on the hair which lasts about a week.

Who is the best candidate for Balayage? 

  1. When color is a level 7 or more.
  2. If your hair is darker honey/caramel Balayage can be done but it important to understand that ash and cool tones do not work. Lifting and stressing the hair causes damage – that’s not what we’re about at Salon Lola.  Remember, we want healthy, beautiful.

Are you interested in French Balayage?  More importantly, are you interested in bringing out your inner beauty?  I’d be honored!

Mucho amor – Marilo