What to Do if You Get a Bad Haircut

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Oh no. It’s happened. You’ve arrived home from the salon, or perhaps you’re still there staring at yourself while sitting in the chair, and it hits you. You just got a terrible haircut. You might be on the edge of tears, angry, or at a loss for words. Let’s not dwell on the negative anymore dear, it’s time for solutions.

I have good news for you. It’s not forever. But those words likely are not enough for you to bounce back and feel confident about your new cut. Regardless of what’s not right about the cut, I have some tips for you on how to survive it. Making lemonade out of lemons, right?

  1. Make it chic with accessories. No, I’m not talking about scrunchies, although they are back in style. Incorporate hair accessories like exposed bobby pins, clips, or a headband. Is your cut too short? Twist a few sections away from your face and secure them with a sparkly clip or pin. Need you hair out of your face? Try a classic headband to keep those unruly strands away from your eyes and add polish to your look.
  2. Explore new fun styles. Now is the time to try new temporary styles. The top knot takes only a few seconds and looks ever chic, the messier the better. Hair too short for a top knot? Try a half-up half-down style. Summon your inner spice girl with space buns. The classic, slicked back, chignon at the nape of your neck is perfect for the office or evening out. Break out your curling iron, flat iron, or diffuser and texturize your hair with curls or waves. Texture brings out volume and can really transform the look of a haircut.
  3. Summon your inner courage and visit a different stylist. Explore top rated stylists near you on review sites like Yelp. Visit their websites and social media, especially instagram. Look at their work. Does their clients’ hair look healthy? Are the styles complimentary to their face shapes? Don’t forget to read reviews and comments and make note if their clients are complimenting their work.
How to deal with a bad haircut

Before Salon Lola

Before your appointment, find some photos of hairstyles you like, both with cut and color. Once you’re in their chair, share the photos with the stylist and discuss what it is that you don’t like about your recent cut. An educated stylist will listen to your feedback and explain to you what can and cannot be achieved with your hair at this time. The good news is your hair cut can very likely be saved with a few precise snips of the scissors and an educated eye and knowledge of a quality stylist.

Hire the right stylist!

After Salon Lola

I’m always happy to help new clients recover from unfortunate haircuts and transform their hair into a style that compliments their unique personality. To see confidence and a smile at the end of the appointment brings me absolute joy.

Until next time, mucho amor,